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Nestled between the fields and forests of Lääne County is Peetri Farm, a barn dwelling surrounded by stone fences, the atmosphere of which is very much reminiscent of Saaremaa. This atmosphere is what first drew the family to this place: it feels like you are on the island of Saaremaa, even though you are actually on the mainland, in Lääne County. In spring, we can enjoy the song and the magnificent spectacle that is the mating dance of common cranes. Surrounded by lilac hedges and a majestic birch tree in front, the farm is bathed in sunlight all day long. The common buzzard can often also be seen flying around, looking for frogs and mice. The farm comprises the barn dwelling, earth cellar, and party barn.

Peetri Farm

In Peetri Farm, you can enjoy vibrant dinner parties under the blossoming apple trees or sit around the cosy bonfire and get lost in your own thoughts. The unforgettable dinners prepared by the hosts will be sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Surrounded by the sound of chirping grasshoppers, you can also enjoy hookah and watch the beautiful sunset. As a perfect ending to the evening, you can relax in the sauna or hot tub. After which you can spend the night in our special glass houses. Live in the moment and enjoy the country life! Welcome to Peetri Farm!

For Individuals

Should a tired traveller need accommodation, Peetri Farm offers several options. The second floor of the barn dwelling features two bedrooms with eight beds in total. Needless to say the rooms include all amenities, from shower, toilet and kitchen to sauna, porch and fireplace room. Enjoy a relaxing sauna session or a cosy conversation in front of the fireplace before retiring and you will be sure to fall into a deep and restful slumber.

For Businesses

We also offer accommodation and catering to business clients who want to spend some time in the fresh air to generate and discuss new ideas. A total of six accommodation options are available, but if the weather is nice, it is possible to accommodate more people outside. For seminars, birthdays and other events, we have a party barn that can accommodate up to 20 people. Sound and lighting equipment is available in the party barn and we can also help you find a suitable host or performer.


With its juniper trees and stone fences, Soolu makes you feel like you are on a beautiful Estonian island. Which, in a way, is true, as the sea and the islands were rather close to the village of Soolu In in the not so distant past– the Noarootsi Peninsula joined the mainland less than a couple of hundred years ago. According to historical records, Peter the Great sailed between Noarootsi and the mainland Estonia as recently as the 18th century. Today, Noarootsi is only a 30-minute drive away from Peetri Farm, so you will have the perfect opportunity to go and discover this beautiful peninsula with extraordinary history during your stay with us.


Peetri barn-dwelling was built in 1928 as a traditional Estonian farm where daily life consisted of livestock grazing, bread making and field labour. At the time, the farm was bustling with children’s laughter, the bleating of sheep, and the chatter of fishermen returning with their fresh catch. While the history of the farm dates back to the beginning of the last century, the village of Soolu recently celebrated its 500th anniversary.


All that remains of the school today are the shed and barn buildings and the surrounding stonewall; however, the people of Soolu are still as lively and inquisitive as ever. Together with holidaymakers, the population of Soolu comes to only 50 people, but when it comes to spiritual life, the village is more active than many bigger towns: almost every week, different kinds of song and dance evenings, discussions and theatre plays with professional actors are organised.

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